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Here are some products that may also be of interest to you:
TDK 8mm MP30 Videotape
AGFA Gaveart Professional Beta
TDK Super VHS XP Super Pro T160
TDK Super VHS -- Professional Grade
$5.99  for CM30 Super VHS Videotape PRO

Call 1-800-23MEDIA for other length pricing

Why use Professional versus regular consumer videotape??.
  • High Quality Video.  Finer particles provide higher resolution, better contrast and luminance.
  • Longer lasting.  Stonger plastic web with a better binder to hold particles.  Good for over 1,000 passes versus a consumer tape with only 2-300 hundred passes.
  • Less Dropouts and Cleaner.  Better binder (the adhesive holding the particles to the plastic web) keeps your videohead cleaner...longer.